Hi, Jim Coshow here with Dunn Lumber. Today we're welcoming Cindy Draper back to the Dunn Solutions blog to offer her insight on the advantages of hiring a professional designer for a remodeling project. Cindy is a marketing manager for Canyon Creek Cabinet Company, a recognized leader in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry. Dunn Lumber is proud to offer fully customizable cabinets by Canyon Creek. Here's Cindy.

Although it may be tempting to design your new kitchen yourself, the reality is that you might need some professional help. As you get going on projects in 2018, here are five good reasons to consult a knowledgeable and dedicated designer for your next remodel project. 

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1. They Know Which Materials Work Well Together 

Your design professional can guide you through all the color, style, and design options and make recommendations for you based on their years of experience. They also have sources for everything from cabinets and countertops to flooring and lighting (and so much more), taking the stress off you and helping ensure that the finished product not only looks great, but is functional too. 

2. They Add Long-lasting Value for Your Project

A professional designer has a trained eye to help you avoid expensive mistakes and create a design that is the best use of space for your budget. They also understand how it all fits together and what types of designs and products will be the best investment in terms of resale value.

3. They Can Act as Your General Contractor

Since this is their main profession, designers have an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the project details, as well as sources for trusted subcontractors. Remodeling a kitchen is hard work, and a general contractor plays a crucial part in getting the project done. At every step, a designer can help solve challenges as they come up.

4. They Walk You Through From Start to Finish

A designer knows all the nuances of construction requirements and scheduling for the job. Designers act as project managers as well, keeping the project on schedule (and the budget on track). This means they schedule and oversee all steps, answering questions along the way. 

5. They Save You Time

Your remodeling project would likely last twice as long as it needs to without the help of a professional designer. They understand the complexity of a remodel and are well-versed in communicating clear instructions to all the subcontractors involved, which in turn streamlines the process.

In the long run, it all comes down to saving you stress and money—thanks to a professional designer's knowledge, relationships, and sources. 

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