Why use Douglas fir? 

Douglas Fir is the quintessential Pacific Northwest timber. Beyond its attractive warm grain, it's one of the most durable softwood products out there. 

With Douglas Fir, you get one of the strongest and most durable softwoods, ideal for light or heavy construction. Douglas Fir timbers can be readily sourced in many sizes, from 3" x 6" up to 12" x 12". They can also be sourced in a number of grades and are available in S4S (surfaced 4 sides) or resawn texture. This variety provides you with many options to meet the requirements of your project.

The Douglas fir timbers on display at Dunn Lumber are free of wane and selected for appearance. All our displays use high-quality grade #1 Free Of Heart Center timber. 

One of the best things about these timbers is they are kiln-dried. This process of drying the wood reduces checking, warping, and twisting. Checking is a natural process that occurs as the wood dries, and cannot be avoided. Checks do not affect the structural integrity of the wood and are considered to be part of the natural rustic character and beauty of Douglas fir timbers.

The kiln-drying process provides other benefits as well:

  • Sets the dimension of the wood so both S4S and resawn textures fit standard hardware
  • Sets/hardens the pitch in the lumber
  • Inhibits mold growth more than green timbers
  • Kil-dried timbers are lighter and easier to handle

We're big fans of Douglas fir here at Dunn and are here to help you decide if it's the right choice for your next project. If you're looking for inspiration or want to see some built structures in person, you can visit one of our Douglas fir displays at our Lynnwood, Shoreline, Bellevue, Renton, or Normandy Park locations.