When it comes to cabinets, our very own Eric Jaeger is one of the best resources out there. A former contractor, Eric has experience on both the installation and design sides of cabinet projects and offers a unique perspective to both homeowners and professionals. In this series, we sit down with Eric to learn more about the cabinet process from design to project completion—and the do's and don’ts in between. 

Today, we’re talking about the cabinet ordering process and what to expect in your final cabinet design appointment.

What happens in the final cabinet appointment?

Your final appointment is all about the details. Your cabinet designer will walk through every element of your design to make sure everything is to your liking. If any adjustments need to be made, you'll have a chance to make final changes. 

After that, your cabinet designer will provide an acknowledgment form documenting every option in your order—material, door styles, paint/stain colors, hardware options, custom elements—and you’ll initial every line item in the order before making a payment.

How much will I pay when I place my order?

You should be prepared to pay in full when placing your order. Once the order is placed, our manufacturers begin the building process immediately (sometimes within a few hours) and won’t be able to make changes—so it’s important to get every detail just right before making the order. 

How will my cabinets be delivered?

Your order will either ship directly from the manufacturer to your home or will be delivered using a third-party delivery service. There is a nominal delivery fee, which protects you from replacement costs if anything in your order is damaged during the delivery.  

What else should I know before placing my cabinet order?

Placing a cabinet order is truly the most important step in the design process, and making an in-person appointment to go through every detail is the very best way to go about ordering. Once ordered, cabinets can’t be changed or returned, so taking the time to make sure everything fits your vision now will contribute to a successful project later.

To learn more about our cabinet design process, check out our run-down of the cabinet design process and cost and overview of what you should know about buying cabinets, and to see our options for yourself, visit one of our cabinet showrooms.