When it comes to cabinets, our very own Eric Jaeger is one of the best resources out there. A former contractor, Eric has experience on both the installation and design sides of cabinet projects and offers a unique perspective to both homeowners and professionals. In this series, we sit down with Eric to learn more about the cabinet process from design to project completion—and the do's and don’ts in between. 

In today’s video, Eric tells us about the costs associated with cabinet projects and gives us an overview of the process from design to delivery.

Is there a fee for cabinet design services?

Cabinet design services are free at Dunn Lumber. Our process is interactive and includes several steps: initial design, revisions, and finalization. In your initial appointment, we’ll develop a computer-generated design based on rough measurements of your space. 

What if I want to revise my design?

Revisions to your design are free of charge—and we encourage our customers to make as many revisions as needed before placing an order. After your initial design appointment, you're welcome to make follow-up appointments as necessary to change design elements (swapping cabinet doors for drawers, changing sizes, etc.). Most of our customers go through a few rounds of revisions before finalizing their design. Once you place your order, you can't make changes—so we encourage you to revise until you have a design that works well for you.

Can I order samples?

We can provide two different types of samples, and it’s important to know the difference between each. Sample chips are complimentary and a great way to get an initial sense of different colors and wood grains. Chips can be ordered in the wood species, stain, or paint color of the cabinet you’re considering. 

As you get further along in the design process, we recommend ordering a full-size sample door to the specifications of your design. Sample doors do cost an up-front fee, but we’re happy to refund the cost of up to three sample doors when you place your full order. Each sample door is roughly 18” x 24” and comes in the style, wood, and color (or stain) you’re considering. If you’re considering a more unique wood grain, having a sample is especially important, as the color and pattern of the grain can vary.  

Can I get a cost estimate before making a design appointment?

Our goal is always to give you the most accurate quote possible, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want before pricing out a project. There are so many options when it comes to cabinet design, and the range in price can have a big effect on the overall cost; for example, a cabinet with doors costs much less than one with drawers due to the hardware that’s required. Sitting down for an initial design appointment gives our specialists the opportunity to ask key questions that will enable us to give you a realistic quote.

How long does the entire process take?

From design to delivery, it's good to plan for roughly 90 days. The design process, from appointment to order, can be as short as two weeks, but oftentimes longer depending on the number of revisions. It’s important not to rush this stage of the process—allowing time for revisions, measurements, and collaboration between you and your designer is critical to providing you with something you’ll be happy with.

Once you’ve settled on a design, we’ll send your order to the manufacturer, who will build each cabinet to your specifications. Depending on weather and business volumes, it takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to process your job, from order to delivery.

Cabinet projects can feel overwhelming, but the team at Dunn is always here to help you through the process. If you want to learn more about Dunn’s cabinet services, check out our video on cabinet options and quality and our overview of what to know when buying cabinets.