When it comes to cabinets, our very own Eric Jaeger is one of the best resources out there. A former contractor, Eric has experience on both the installation and design sides of cabinet projects and offers a unique perspective to both homeowners and professionals. In this series, we sit down with Eric to learn more about the cabinet process from design to project completion—and the do's and don’ts in between. Today, we’re talking about cabinet quality, cost, and the design options you’ll find at Dunn Lumber.

Designing a space in your home is personal—you want it to meet your needs and reflect who you are and how you live your life. Cabinetry is often the focal point of a room, and as such, should enhance the overall design of your space—which is why we partner with manufacturers who can provide customizable high-quality cabinets with attention to service.

What kind of cabinetry does Dunn carry?

All cabinets we carry are modular. Modular cabinet systems are made up of pre-made, semi-customizable parts that can be put together to create an overall layout. We always aim to find a modular solution for projects to help you keep things cost-efficient, as custom designs come with a bigger price tag—but we’re always happy to work with you and our manufacturers to create custom designs if semi-custom options aren’t a good fit for your space. 

How much control do I have over design?

Cabinetry is a major design element, and we pride ourselves on providing you with as many options as possible to find the look you want. We looked at the different options from one of our suppliers and did the math to find out exactly how many cabinet combinations were available:

  • 15 species of wood
  • 106 door styles
  • 22 stain colors
  • 24 standard paint colors
  • 1,100 additional Sherwin Williams paint colors

That’s more than 920 million different variations—and if you can’t find one that works for your space, we’ll help you find one that does. 

What if my cabinets arrive damaged?

Every project runs the risk of having challenges, so it’s important to have a trusted partner by your side if that happens. For us, customer service goes beyond the sale, and we’re always here to help if your product arrives damaged or isn’t right. That's why we choose high-integrity cabinet suppliers who stand behind their products. We work directly with our vendor partners to correct mistakes and get you a suitable replacement as quickly as possible.

What if I find a cheaper quote elsewhere?

When it comes to comparing quotes that vary significantly in price, we find that either there's a pricing error of some kind, or, more likely, that the quotes are not “apples to apples.” We’ll be the first to tell you that you can likely find a lower price elsewhere—but often, that means sacrificing quality and service. Our manufacturers produce time-tested work that they—and we—are willing to stand behind. 

Before you move forward with the cheapest quote you find, share it with a trusted designer at Dunn Lumber. They can point out the differences in material quality and options that you may not be aware of. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting, and most importantly, to be happy with your choices and how your cabinetry project turns out.

We hope this interview provides you with insight and knowledge you can bring into your next cabinet project. For more cabinetry content, check out this post on cabinet finishes and how to install custom cabinets.