Building or remodeling a home involves countless choices and decisions when it comes to design, budget, and the different materials or products required to make it all a reality. One product line we stand behind is the siding and trim products with ColorPlus® Technology finishes from James Hardie, the world’s leading producer of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions. 

In this four-part video series, we speak with Brian Horstmann, Director, Sales PNW and Southwest for James Hardie, diving deep into how the brand’s siding products with ColorPlus® Technology finishes are uniquely designed to withstand the test of time, the benefits of using them in your building project, along with installation best practices and cost comparisons. 

In today’s episode, Brian shares a bit of the company's background and introduces James Hardie’s leading ColorPlus® Technology concept. 

Watch our discussion in the video above, or keep reading to get the highlights.

The evolution of fiber cement 

James Hardie is known for inventing fiber cement—a cellulose fiber and cement composite material. The resulting product emulates the aesthetics of wood but with moisture resistance to protect against swelling, warping, and cracking. Over the past few decades, the company took its original, raw, unfinished product and developed a primer that bonded to the fiber cement to accept paint more easily. It also focused on improving the substrate, wanting it to be as flexible and durable as possible so it could move and shift with a building envelope. From there, James Hardie continued to improve how primer bonded to the product, which eventually led to developing its ColorPlus® Technology.

James Hardie’s proprietary ColorPlus® Technology has been perfected for over 20 years to provide a durable finish on top of its advanced product formulation. Only Hardie® fiber cement exterior products are Engineered for Climate®, specifically formulated for your local weather conditions.

What is Hardie® Siding with ColorPlus® Technology Finishes? 

While the company has a complete portfolio of siding products that come primed and ready for field painting, its unique ColorPlus® Technology finishes on select products really stand out in the industry. 

Along with being one of the most durable cladding solutions on the market, Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology finishes provide a baked-on color application to resist fading, chipping and cracking, meaning less maintenance for homeowners.

When it comes to colors, contractors and homeowners also benefit from James Hardie’s carefully curated color collections. While there are plenty of options, the brand doesn't overwhelm the buyer with choices. Instead, it has researched and tested color options in different lighting and weather conditions to ensure consistent, beautiful color—and offers different collections to appeal to different aesthetics, including the Magnolia Home| James Hardie Collection curated by Joanna Gaines. 

The end result is incredibly durable, beautiful, low-maintenance siding homeowners can appreciate for years to come. 

We’ll cover more benefits of choosing Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology finishes in the next episode. In the meantime, you may be interested in our extensive Decking Series, including this episode detailing the evolution of manufactured decking.