Today, we’re highlighting an article on PVC trim from This Is Carpentry, a blog by our good friend and expert carpenter, Gary Katz. While this article is from 2012, PVC trim has been gaining popularity in today’s market. Written by Versatex President John Pace, the article remains current and addresses best practices for using PVC trim.

In the article, John discusses:

  • How to install PVC trim to best deal with expansion and contraction
  • Which glues to use for bonding PVC trim to other pieces of PVC trim, wood, and metal
  • The best fasteners to use on PVC trim
  • Joints to use with PVC trim
  • The type of paint to use on PVC trim and the necessary drying time
  • What paint colors can be used on PVC trim (Note: Advances in technology since this article was written allow for more color options. We will address these updates in a future article.)

Be sure to read the full article, and check out the rest of This Is Carpentry for even more articles that help carpenters master their craft. For more of our content with Gary, check out the videos we did with him on why professionalism matters, why you should study your craft, and how education is changing.