Note: West Coast Decks, referenced in this article, closed in 2022.

Dunn Lumber partnered with professional deck builder Ron Spillers, from West Coast Decks, and created a series of videos that cover a variety of decking questions. 

In this video, Ron covers four questions everyone should answer for themselves before undertaking a decking project. Taking the time to think through each question will help determine the size, scope, and cost of creating a beautiful, useful, and cost-effective deck. For more in this series, click here.

What's Your Budget?

A budget will influence every other decision. Even—especially—if you're planning on building the deck yourself, you need a budget. Manufactured decking products are an investment and can add up quickly. As a deck gets bigger, so will the cost. A budget will determine the size, scope, and materials needed to build the deck.

What's the Primary Purpose of Your Deck?

Is it a place to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine? Will you be doing some barbecuing and entertaining? Does it need to be a safe (and contained) area where children and pets can play?

How Are You Going to Come and Go From Your Deck?

Give this a lot of thought. Adding a stairway to an upper-level deck that connects to a dining room or bedroom creates easy access to that level of your home. Do you want everyone to have that sort of access? Stairways are more costly, so go back to the budget—have you made allowances for a stairway?

What Kind of Products Do You Want to Use?

Does a traditional wood deck sound up your alley? Or, would a lower maintenance, more durable, synthetic product make more sense? Will the deck have a railing? The railing is what gives a deck its character. Do you want traditional cedar railing, low-maintenance metal railing, or composite railing?

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