On this episode of the Dunn Solutions Podcast you’ll be hearing from Shelli Lucus-Kennedy with American Insurance Associates and Insurance Risk Services.  Shelli has been educating and serving her clients in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  

Shelli will explain the different options you have when managing your risk, and encouraging you to document, document, document!!

Shelli will also cover the following:

  • Why you should view your insurance policies as a contract (And accept the fact that by signing, you give the insurer full authority to settle claims any way they choose)
  • She will help you understand that as a general contractor, you are already guilty if you are sued.  And the only way to minimize that is the quality of your policy and paperwork.
  • What it means to do work in a Type 2 indemnity state.
  • Why you should consider adding cyber liability to your policy if you own a cell phone.

If you have additional questions for Shelli, please visit: Insurance Risk Services.