Scribing skirt boards for the first time can be daunting. Success depends entirely on your ability to make multiple accurate cuts in one large piece of wood and create a beautiful, well-fitting product. One wrong cut can set you back hours, and while learning from your mistakes is a viable way to better understand your craft, it's not always the best way. Sometimes—especially when it comes to finish carpentry—it's better to learn from the person who's already made the mistakes.

That's the belief of finish carpenter Carl Hagstrom, who wrote today's featured article from This Is Carpentry (it's a belief we share here at Dunn Solutions). As a follow-up to The Art of Scribing Skirt Boards by Norm Yeager, Hagstrom takes the scribing method outlined in the article and shares his process, aimed at showing first-timers a simple way to approach any scribing project.

Scribing takes precision—but precision doesn't have to be daunting (and as Carl will show you, it doesn’t even require a measuring tape in this case). When you've got an experienced craftsman to learn from, mistakes are avoidable and a snug fit is possible to achieve no matter how much scribing experience you have under your belt.

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