Scribing is a traditional method used to elevate the fit and finish of a project, separating a master carpenter from someone who simply installs trim. Today, we're sharing a post from our friends at This Is Carpentry that delves into the art of scribing skirt boards.

Rightfully so, tradespersons take a lot of pride in their finish carpentry work—it's what turns a construction site into an attractive living space and a house into a home. Part of the challenge of being a finish carpenter is covering up the shortcomings of others who came before you. Whether it be working with a bowed wall, covering stair treads that aren't precise, or remedying uneven floors, the job of a finish carpenter isn't easy. The onus falls on them to make a home beautiful.

Something of a trend on social media these days—with craftspeople one-upping each other with their complex detailed finishes—scribing is the art of creating a precision fit (whether by cutting, chiseling, or carving) into complex corners or around rough surfaces. 

Without further ado, let's jump into today's featured post by Norm Yeager from This Is Carpentry. It's a great introduction to scribing skirt boards, and an excellent primer for your journey in master carpentry. And, as always, we're here to support your carpentry education needs—check out our Introduction to Interior Finishes or our Working With Wood series for more.