Specific jobs require specific products, and screws are one product that can be catered toward a specific project. In this series, we’re learning about the various types of screws and products sold by Screw Products, Inc. from their president and CEO, Jim Miller. Today, we’ll be focusing on the types and uses of structural lag screws.

What are structural lag screws?

Structural lag screws, also known as lag bolts, are some of the strongest fasteners available. They are designed to connect heavy lumber and materials and are extremely sturdy. 

Screw Products, Inc. offers two structural lag screw products: the NOVA and the YUKON. The NOVA screw is an internal drive wood screw with a horizon curve head and locking wedges, and the YUKON screw is an external drive wood screw with a hex head. Both have fast-start tips and twin-blade knurls and come in black for an architectural look. Both are also available in lengths ranging from four to 16 inches.


When should structural lag screws be used?

Because of how sturdy they are, structural lag screws are the best choice for any project involving heavy lumber or other materials. 

Screw Products, Inc.’s NOVA structural lag screw can be used for timber, deck framing, and beams, and its length makes it especially useful for rigid foam insulation. It is also great for building log and driftwood furniture.

The YUKON structural lag screw is useful for landscaping, heavy duty lumber, and deck framing. It can also be used to attach trusses or rafters to a top plate.

Benefits of structural lag screws

Structural lag screws are rated for exterior use, and are handy for securing ledgers, beams, and posts. With these two structural lag screw options from Screw Products, Inc., you can pick the best screw for your next project.

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