In today's Dunn Solutions podcast, we’ll hear from Dr. Eric Scroggins. Eric is an author, professional speaker, and leadership coach with degrees in business management and psychology. In this presentation to the Master Builders Association Remodelers Council, Eric shares examples of men and women who have used their vision to make a big impact, discusses how to overcome cultural and behavioral obstacles, and provides tips on how to live at your personal and professional best, whether you're a remodeling contractor or a banker. 

dr eric scroggins

Here are my three big takeaways from Eric's presentation on shattering barriers: 

Success Starts With Vision

The commonality between some of the world's most impactful people—Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Joel Osteen, Howard Schultz—is vision. An insatiable appetite to accomplish something phenomenal and profound is what drove those people to success. A vision for putting a computer in every house of the country led to the birth of Microsoft; a vision to rescue those that society would otherwise ignore led to one of the world's most noble leaders. Vision is profound and moving, and if you put that at the core of what you do, it changes you and your trajectory. Vision also gives you something to fight for, even—and especially—in the face of adversity. 

Pushing Past Traditional Thinking and Emotional Pain

There are many factors that affect the way you think, from the culture in which you were raised to the groupthink that's happening around you. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn't mean it always has to be done that way. By celebrating independent thinking and leaning into it, we can take risks that can have big-time payoffs. The same goes for emotional pain. It's easier said than done, but pushing through various hurts—whether it's health or relationships—can open up an entirely new way of thinking. 

Living at a Personal and Professional Best

There are a number of tools we can use daily to conserve our energy and be as productive as possible, such as eliminating conflict. Conflict can come from anger, ridicule, gossiping, selfishness, pride—the list goes on. When you eliminate potential for strife in your life and in your workplace, you get closer to your vision. Do this through serving others, having a generous spirit, and by encouraging others to have a vision, too. 

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You can also view Eric's entire presentation by downloading it below. 

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