In part 1 of this series, we introduced you to Rapid Set Cement All—a cement product used for patching, repairing, anchoring, and more. It’s a great product made even better and more versatile by two available additives: Rapid Set SET Control and Rapid Set FLOW Control.

SET Control, as the name implies, lengthens the standard 15-minute set time. In many cases a short set time is great, and if you need a few more minutes, chilled water will usually buy you a little extra work time. 

But in other cases—particularly on larger jobs (of a cubic foot or more) or in warmer weather—you need to slow the setting so you have more time for finishing. To do this, add SET at the time of mixing. Doing this will extend your work time about 20 minutes in 70-degree weather. Please note that warmer weather will shorten the additional setting time, and cooler weather will extend the additional setting time. 

Rapid Set Set Control

FLOW Control is an additive which helps increase fluidity (or “flow”) in your cement mixture. FLOW pulls double duty by both significantly increasing the fluidity of your mixture and strengthening it at the same time. 

Rapid Set Flow Control

To use either SET or FLOW, mix them into clean water first, then add the mixture to your dry Rapid Set Cement All. Complete instructions are included with the product—give them a thorough read before starting your project.

Cement All works great on its own for a variety of projects, and adding SET Control or FLOW Control makes Cement All even more adaptable to unique jobs or weather extremes.