A work truck should always be equipped with certain tools and products; here’s one to keep on hand for most concrete repairs. We’re talking about Rapid Set Cement All: It’s a high-performance, fast-setting, non-shrink concrete product that works just as well for patching and repair as it does for doweling and anchoring.

Cement All Provides Many Solutions

Most of us can agree that the fewer tools and materials you have to carry, the better. Cement All is a great product because it is versatile and multi-functional. You can use it for so many different repair jobs without lugging around job-specific repair products, and that makes it a valuable addition in the work truck. Cement All comes in a 25 lb. box or a 55 lb. bag—the yield is 1/2 cubic foot per 55 lb. (12” x 12” x 6”).

When it comes to putting Cement All to use, it’s important to remember that the product sets quickly (in 15 minutes). Because of this, it’s crucial to have all your tools ready and surfaces prepared before you mix it. Just like any concrete repair product, the application surface should be clean, sound, and free of coatings or debris that would inhibit bonding. Depending on your surface, you may need to roughen it a bit before application.

rapid set cement all quick set concrete

How to Use Cement All 

With Cement All, no bonding agent is needed. Once the jobsite is in order, wet the surface you’ll be bonding to, then remove any standing water. Mix the product with clean, potable water using a mechanical mixer. Cement All is tintable using cement pigment dyes, so if you want to achieve a certain look, consider that here. Place the mixture and strike off at the desired level—Cement All works in thicknesses from 0” (featheredge) to 4”. The product won’t bleed water as it cures, so apply your final finish right away. That’s it! It sets in 15 minutes, and is ready for traffic in one hour.

Once you’ve applied Cement All, immediately clean your tools and the surrounding area before it dries, then store remaining unmixed Cement All in a dry place away from any moisture.

You can also use the product for anchoring, patching, casting, repair, grouting, underlayment—the utility of Cement All is endless.

I’ve used this product around the house and—because Rapid Set works for so many different jobs—I’m glad not to have my shelves cluttered by lots of other products. For this reason, the Rapid Set family of products is worth adding to your repertoire. Stay tuned next week for more Rapid Set products that will make Cement All even more versatile: SET Control and FLOW Control.