Dunn Lumber Planning Your Business Transition and Exit Seattle WA 1

The Dunn Solutions podcast is committed to providing cutting-edge industry knowledge for the building contractor and trade professional. Today we’ll hear from Arnie Hendricks, who provides CFO and business planning services for small to midsize companies.  In the last 25 years, Arnie has consulted with over 300 companies, helping them achieve more profitable growth while increasing the value of their business.

On today’s podcast, Arnie will discuss:

•   Attributes of a business transition

•   The importance of strong financials

•   How to properly restate your financials for prospective buyers

•   Understanding your options for selling your company internally or externally

•   How businesses are valued, and the issues that drive the value of a company

If you have additional questions for Arnie, please email him at arnie.hendricks@gmail.com, or visit his website at www.financialmanagementresources.biz.

For information on future construction-related professional events, feel free to email me at jimc@dunnlumber.com.

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