Welcome to our four-part patio door series, where we’ll break down everything you need to know about patio doors, from selection to installation. In this final installment, we're sharing tips on how to successfully install a pair of doors.

Replacing doors can be complicated—not only do you have to find and select the right door for your space, but you have to ensure it gets properly installed, too. There are seemingly endless options to pick from when choosing a door, and executing a proper installation takes the correct knowledge and the right tools. In the first three parts of our patio door series, we taught you what to consider before choosing a new patio door, what to consider before installing one, and how to pick the right door for you. Today, we’re bringing you part four of our patio door series—how to install double doors—so you can feel just as confident about replacing your double doors as you do about your single doors.

While installing a pair of doors is similar in many ways to installing a single door, there’s more to it, and an additional door means being more careful. To help us show you how to properly install double doors, we’ve enlisted the help of our friend and master carpenter Gary Katz. Gary is the host of Katz Roadshow and author of THISisCarpentry, so he knows a thing or two about doors. He also helped us create this helpful brochure on installing problem-free double doors. 

In his video, Gary takes you through everything you need to know for a smooth installation—from fixing cross-leg, to the correct placement of shims, to, most importantly, the exact sequence of placing your first six fasteners. We always love hearing from Gary because we learn something new each time, and we hope you’ll find just as much value in Gary’s knowledge as we do. Watch Gary’s video at the link below, download the brochure, and (as always) if you have any questions, feel free to email me at jimc@dunnlumber.com.

View Gary’s tutorial.

For even more from Gary, see his videos on the greatest threats facing trade professionals and the biggest mistakes to avoid as a trade professional, and his podcast on wood moisture content.