partnership between Dunn Lumber and Milgard goes back a long way—Rob Dunn started doing business with Milgard back in the late 1970's. With all the different supplier options for windows and doors, you know there has to be real value behind the brand to keep the relationship going all these years.

Another well-known brand in the industry had an advertising slogan many years ago that stated, "Only the rich can afford poor windows." I never understood that as a kid, but we all know what that means today!

Milgard launched operations in 1958, and still maintains their corporate offices and some manufacturing in Tacoma today. As they've grown over the years, they made the choice to be a vertically-integrated company. That means instead of purchasing window/door components from others, they choose to manufacture many of their own in an effort to provide consistently and predictably superior quality, as well as manage costs and lead times. That has also allowed them to offer what is arguably the best warranty in the industry.

The webpages being made available here will provide you with design ideas, help with project planning, and even let you research performance-enhancing options that are designed to save you money by lowering energy bills.

We hope this helps you gather the information (and inspiration!) for your next project. Please feel free to contact any Dunn Lumber location for additional support.

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