Construction Instruction

In this short video, Mark discusses his connection to the helpful Construction Instruction app, including:

  • The reasons for creating the app, and how it helps to overcome vocabulary and skillset differences among tradespeople

  • The advantages of the app's instructive three-dimensional animations

  • How the app advances communication between tradespeople 

  • How the app helps to address the shortage of trade curriculum and labor training 

  • The app's promising growth and robust community of users

The Construction Instruction app is free to download, and available for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphone operating systems. 

Dunn Solutions is proud to host an ongoing series of informative videos featuring Mark. Watch and learn more by visiting the series here.

Mark LaLiberte (founding partner and president of Construction Instruction) has been educating the building industry on the science and physics of construction for over 30 years. Mark speaks to over 8,000 people annually, and educates the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy-efficient, and healthier homes through lectures, video series, publications, and a mobile app.