We asked Mark LaLiberte about the most important part of his career as well as his hopes for the future. In this short video, Mark shares his answers by discussing:

  • His work over the past three decades, focused on reducing energy consumption while improving building durability and indoor environments

  • His hopes for innovation as it relates to communicating new methodologies and techniques

  • The need for improvements in delivering training and education to crews and other members of the trade

  • His desire to see far more zero-energy houses over the next 20 years, as well as a more sustainable economy

  • The importance of using energy as it becomes available—from solar to water, geothermal, hydro, and wind 

Mark LaLiberte (founding partner and president of Construction Instruction) has been educating the building industry on the science and physics of construction for over 30 years. Mark speaks to over 8,000 people annually, and educates the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy-efficient, and healthier homes through lectures, video series, publications, and a mobile app.