Photo: Disdero Lumber Co.

It is exciting for us to share the features and benefits of this little-known product. Lock-Deck™ laminated decking is one of the best-kept secrets in the building material world; a product that was created decades ago by the Potlatch Corporation. Lock-Deck is a structurally engineered product, comprised of multiple kiln-dried lumber laminations which are bonded together with an exterior waterproof adhesive to form glue-laminated decking. Its unique construction process provides many great design options for today’s residential and commercial buildings. 

Whether you are looking for large spans in a residential “car decking” application, or need partial FSC material credit for the exposed ceilings in your next LEED commercial project, Lock-Deck can help provide a solution. Engineered for strength, and with different grade and species options for the face veneers, Lock-Deck a wise choice for your next project.

This manufacturing method allows for multiple options when choosing the quality, species, and sourcing for both the inner and outer layers that will be visible on your project. One of the nice options with this product is the ability to specify the use of FSC-certified material for portions of the finished product. If your LEED commercial project requires the 5x8 double tongue and groove, you could request which laminations be FSC-sourced material, and get a partial FSC credit for your project. The options listed above make Lock-Deck laminated decking a fabulous choice when designing roofs, ceilings, mezzanines, and floors in homes, churches, or your next LEED commercial project.

Lock-Deck Species:

Lock-Deck is readily available in the following species:

  • Douglas fir/larch

  • Ponderosa pine

  • Western red cedar

The following species can be sourced upon request:

  • Alaska yellow cedar

  • Redwood

  • White fir

  • Idaho white pine

  • SPF

Photo: Disdero Lumber Co.

Lock-Deck Grades:

Lock-Deck laminated decking is available in the following grades:


Providing a clear face with occasional small knots or minor characteristics that do not detract from the overall appearance. This grade is available in most species.


Contains sound knots and natural characteristics. Also contains occasional chipped-edge knots, short end splits or seasoning checks, and pinholes. This grade is available in all species.


Recommended for industrial applications where strength is the main priority. Contains knotholes, stain, end splits, skip, roller skip, planer burn and other characteristics that do not reduce strength of product. This grade available upon request. 

Lock-Deck is shipped with a random length tally of 6’-16’ in 1’ increments. Specified lengths and/or 18’-34’ lengths are available by special order. (18’-34’ lengths are finger-jointed)

Lock-Deck Patterns:

Lock-Deck laminated decking is available in the following patterns:

  • Standard Vee

  • Square Edge

  • Channel

  • Bull Nose

Lock-Deck also comes end-matched as a standard feature.

Lock-Deck Textures:

Lock-Deck is available in the following surface textures:

  • Smooth surface

  • Smooth sanded

  • Course sanded (16 grit)

  • Resawn (Cross band-saw texture)

  • Wire brushed

Factory pre-finish is also available for all Lock-Deck products. This acrylic based, semi-transparent stain is available in 20 colors. Be sure to request an actual sample on your species of choice prior to placing your order. A clear matte sealer or clear semi-gloss finish is also available when desiring a natural finish.

Lock-Deck at Dunn Lumber:

Lock-Deck laminated decking can be ordered through all Dunn Lumber locations.

  • 3x6 tongue & groove (decorative grade) with a Douglas fir face, standard Vee pattern, and smooth surface texture is available in 3-5 business days

  • Most other patterns/species available in 4 weeks

  • For factory pre-finishing—add 1-2 weeks

Requests for additional information about Lock-Deck can be sent to