From exterior wall sheathing to cabinetry, plywood serves countless uses and is one of the most ubiquitous building materials, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. With so many uses and different types of plywood available, it’s important to know your options, understand the material, and pick the right product for your project.  

For our Plywood Series, we’re joined by T.R. Cauthorn, Panel Sales Manager at Hampton Lumber, a leading sustainable lumber producer based in Washington and Oregon and one of Dunn Lumber’s long-standing suppliers. With nearly 30 years spent with Hampton Lumber, plus experience working in mills and forests with Georgia Pacific, T.R. is a plywood expert.

In this first episode, you’ll learn more about T.R.’s history in the plywood industry, why we trust his knowledge and advice, and get a preview of the topics we’ll discuss in forthcoming episodes in this series. Watch it now, then check back here for our next installment as we dive into everything you should consider when sourcing and working with plywood.

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