Trade education and workforce development are two initiatives we value highly here at Dunn Lumber, so it should come as no surprise that we have close ties with Seattle Central College's Wood Technology Center (WTC). With roots dating back to the early 1900s, WTC's history intersects with ours at Dunn Lumber at various points (our very own Ed Dunn Jr. took some classes at Edison), and we're proud to be connected with such an exemplary educational institution.

Throughout the episodes in this series, we'll be speaking with Dave Borgatti, a long-time faculty member at the WTC, about the center's history, program offering, and various topics in woodworking education. Dave got his start in woodworking as a boat builder in Portland, Oregon, for Schooner Creek Boat Works, and ended up at WTC as an instructor in 1992. Since then, Dave has helped countless students—from boat builders to carpenters and cabinetmakers—learn the woodworking craft.

In today’s conversation, Dave and I are joined by Yu He, Territory Manager at Milwaukee® Tool, to go over the features of the M18 FUEL™ 10” Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw, as well as a demonstration of how to use a miter saw. 

While we share key points from the conversation below, this is another episode that is meant to be watched all the way through—especially to catch Dave's demonstration. Just click above. 

What is a miter saw 

A miter saw is a mounted circular saw on a swing arm used to make precision cuts at a variety of angles. On almost any miter saw purchased today, the blade can also be tilted to cut a bevel so they are, by definition, compound miter saws. Additionally, for even larger crosscut capacity, these tools can be made to slide forward on rails, making them slide compound miter saws, like the Milwaukee® Tool saw shown in the video.

Miter saws are often used to make cuts for crown moulding, door frames, and window frames and casings. 

Learn more about how to understand and set miter saw angles here

Milwaukee® Tool M18 FUEL™ Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw Features 

Because of their size and mounted base, miter saws have traditionally been a corded tool that you had to plug into constant power. Milwaukee® Tool M18 FUEL™ Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw (available in 7.25”, 10”, and 12” sizes), coupled with the brand’s REDLITHIUM™ batteries, now offers a highly useful, mobile cordless solution. Yu goes over the tool’s unique features in the first part of our video—some of the features that particularly stand out include: 

  • The tool’s functionality as both a miter saw and a slide compound miter saw 
  • The ability to release and rotate for a 47.5° bevel cut
  • An aligned LED light to show you where you’re cutting, even in a dark location
  • Two carry handles to easily move it on, off, and around the job site 
  • The ability to make more than 600 cuts on one 12-amp hour REDLITHIUM™ battery (M18 tools are always compatible with the Red Lithium batteries, regardless of the age of the tool or the battery.) 
  • Dust protection options, including a cordless vacuum

How to use a miter saw

This tool can be used for so many different crosscut angles but setting it up and using  it requires a bit of preparation for accurate results. Dave shares some basic recommendations for safely using the Milwaukee® Tool M18 FUEL™ Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw starting at 12:56 in the video including: 

  • Never use a miter saw to cut rough or warped lumber. Only cut material that sits flat on the table and straight against the fence. 
  • Always set the tool on a stable surface. Dave recommends a specifically designed miter saw stand to fit your tool. 
  • The guard should work smoothly—NEVER use a saw without the guard! 
  • Cut slowly and steadily—never “chop”—and let the blade slow down before lifting the saw out of the material. 
  • Remember the one-fist rule: Never hold material closer than one fist distance to the blade. This is especially true on an inside miter where your hand should move to the other side to stay away from the blade. 
  • Never cut ferrous metals on a miter saw as it can easily start a fire.

Interested in Milwaukee® Tool’s other cordless power tool options? We’ll be sharing more video reviews and tutorials soon. In the meantime, check out this video on impact drivers and drill drivers, featuring the M18 FUEL™ ½” Hammer Drill/Driver. You can also always find more tool-focused articles and resources in our previous Wood Technology Center Series episodes as well as our power tools archives.