Hi, Jim Coshow here from Dunn Lumber. Welcome to the Dunn Solutions podcast, where we’re committed to providing cutting-edge industry knowledge for the building contractor and trade professional.

Today we’ll hear from Debbie Rosemont. Debbie is a certified professional organizer and productivity consultant who, in 2003, started her company, Simply Placed. Simply Placed is an organizing company that helps to declutter workspaces, calendars, inboxes, and systems. Through Simply Placed, Debbie brings individuals and businesses more balance and control, and helps them prioritize the things that matter most.

On today’s podcast, Debbie will offer tips on:

  • How to increase productivity and increase revenue
  • How to reduce stress
  • Efficient ways to organize your space
  • How to manage everyday tasks and communication
  • How to maximize your daily schedule—and gain up to six weeks of your time back each year

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Download Debbie's presentation, which includes worksheets, organizational strategies and systems, and frequently asked questions. 

If you have questions for Debbie, you can contact her at (206) 579-5743, or at debbie@itssimplyplaced.com.