The subject of weatherization is always high on the list of questions we receive—proper flashing methods, waterproof installation best practices, etc. For that reason we are thrilled to include this great video featuring our good friend and renowned building scientist, Mark LaLiberte.

There are many brands out on the market today, and frequently you see a mix of brands used on a single jobsite. Although this blended approach probably works fine most of the time, there are situations—when compatibility is critical—where you may want your system components comprised of a single brand. This video features Tyvek products; Tyvek provides a solid solution for our Northwest climate.

Additionally, Mark explains the proper steps for a waterproof installation, whether you install your housewrap before or after the window is installed. He also covers the proper steps for a waterproof door installation. Lastly, Mark lists some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing window and door products for your projects.

From time to time, Mark does presentations in the Puget Sound region. If you haven't had the opportunity to see Mark do a live presentation, don't worry—we'll let you know the next time we feature Mark as a speaker at a Dunn Lumber event. And if you'd like to receive information about the next Dunn Lumber contractor breakfast, email me at