Hi, Jim Coshow here from Dunn Lumber. Welcome to the Dunn Solutions podcast, where we’re committed to providing cutting-edge industry knowledge for the building contractor and trade professional.

Today we’ll hear from Howard Chermak. Howard founded award-winning Chermak Construction, Inc. in 1980, and is a much-loved and respected leader in the local remodeling industry. Howard also negotiated the successful sale of his business recently, and agreed to share some of his knowledge and insight with us.

On today's podcast, Howard will discuss some ways to evaluate the health of your business, including:

  • Why it’s important to hire people who are more skilled at their trade than you are

  • The importance of learning from your competitors

  • Why a healthy workplace requires trust, empathy, and collaboration

  • The value of failure, measured risk, and conquering fears

  • Why education and community involvement are beneficial for everyone involved

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For a full list of Howard's tips for a healthy business, download the PDF:

Dunn Lumber How to Evaluate The Health of Your Business Seattle WA Business Tips

Dunn Lumber How to Evaluate The Health of Your Business Seattle WA

hows is the health of your business

evaluate your business