In this video, Mark LaLiberte talks about the green building revolution as it relates to new home construction, including innovative methods to achieve zero-energy building—which are homes that consume the same amount of energy as they produce. Mark discusses some specific ways that zero-energy construction is being achieved, including: 

  • California's action plan to get all new homes to zero-energy by 2020

  • Architecture 2030's initiative to get all new buildings, developments, and major renovations zero-energy by 2030

  • Increases in solar capacity to offset a home’s electrical consumption

  • Advancements in exterior insulation

  • Evolving building components, that lead to a rapid increase in home energy efficiency

  • Passive House developments in Europe and the United States 

Mark LaLiberte (founding partner and President of Construction Instruction) has been educating the building industry about the science and physics of construction for over 30 years, and speaks to over 8,000 people annually. He educates the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy efficient, and healthier homes through lectures, video series, publications, and a mobile app.