Hi, Jim Coshow here from Dunn Lumber. Welcome to the Dunn Solutions podcast, where we’re committed to providing cutting-edge industry knowledge for the building contractor and trade professional. 

Today we’ll hear from Andy Hehl of Kebony. Kebony is a modified wood manufacturer that produces environmentally friendly, sustainable softwood lumber. Kebony's patented process uses a plant-derived waste product to enhance the lumber's durability, stability, and hardness, resulting in a modified softwood lumber with premium hardwood characteristics and rich color. 

On today's podcast, Andy will discuss:

  • the definition and benefits of modified wood 
  • the thermal modification process
  • how to choose the right Kebony product for your project, home, or climate
  • how to build with Kebony wood, and answers to specific construction-related questions
  • how to clean Kebony wood

For more product information, download Kebony's informative brochure (in PDF format):

Download Additional Resourcs

If you have additional questions for Andy, please email him at ahehl@kebony.us, or visit Kebony.com.

For information on attending future educational events, feel free to email me at jimc@dunnlumber.com.

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