In the final video of our series with Gary Katz, Gary discusses the importance of the construction trades, including:

  • The current shortage of skilled tradespeople 
  • The inspiration and challenge of building something lasting and visible
  • The reward of using your hands to create tangible, three-dimensional work 

Dunn Lumber is proud to have hosted Gary’s first Katz Roadshow back in 2003, which are still going strong today—and continue to feature Gary's carpentry clinics. Gary is an accomplished professional, and has devoted the better part of the past three decades to educating the construction industry. Whether through his publication THISisCarpentry, one of his articles in Fine Homebuilding, or a presentation at a JLC LIVE show, Gary always delivers enthusiastic and experienced insight to our industry.

We hope you have enjoyed these videos as much as we have. Thank you for following along with this series. If you missed any installments in this exclusive 12-part series, you can catch up by visiting the links below. 

Gary Katz: Professionalism Matters

Gary discusses the importance of a professional attitude, education, and appearance—for you and your crew.  

Gary Katz: Know the Technology

Gary talks about the evolution of waterproofing—from tar and peel-and-stick membranes to butyl adhesive emulsion and acrylic flashings. 

Gary Katz: Consider Moisture Content

Gary discusses the importance of letting wood dry during new home construction, and techniques for properly spacing wood as it dries. 

Gary Katz: Quality Tools are a Worthy Investment

Gary talks about the motto "if you can't buy the best, don't buy anything," and why it's so important as it relates to tools. 

Gary Katz: Use a Laser Level

Gary discusses the revolutionary value of laser levels, as well as some optimal applications. 

Gary Katz: Consider Customer Care When Selecting a Supplier

Gary talks about the importance of quality customer care and the characteristics of a trustworthy supplier. 

Gary Katz: Education is Changing

Gary discusses the essential nature and growth of education as new products and technologies are introduced.  

Gary Katz: Productivity is the Key to Profitability

Gary talks about the importance of establishing best practices and improving efficiency to help increase profit.  

Gary Katz: Avoid These Big Mistakes

Gary discusses the best ways to avoid significant failures throughout the life of your business.  

Gary Katz: Study Your Craft

Gary talks about the importance of tradespeople studying architecture, learning about various home styles, and investing in education.  

Gary Katz: The Biggest Threats Facing Trade Professionals

Gary discusses threats facing trade professionals, including a lack of long-term investment in construction trades. 

Gary Katz The Importance of the Construction Trades