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Fishing is a sport many of us have a passion for, so we thought it’d be fun to pivot slightly from our usual content.

Today, we're welcoming Tom Nelson, whose voice you may recognize if you listen in to 710 ESPN Seattle. For the past 15 years, Tom has worked in Seattle outdoor radio as the voice of “The Outdoor Line” which airs on Saturday mornings. Tom co-hosts the show with Rob Endsley, one of the top fishing guides on the West Coast and a skilled hunting enthusiast. Together they share a weekly snapshot of the many outdoor opportunities in the region. 

Tom has been fishing in the Pacific Northwest for over 50 years, and earned his degree in fisheries biology from the University of Washington. He has spent time as a fishing guide, and is also a contributing author for many fishing and hunting publications.

In this podcast, Tom will answer questions such as:

  1. What recreational fishers and boat owners can do to productively lengthen the fishing season and increase limits
  2. Whether a greater supply of salmon from hatcheries to the ocean will have a direct positive impact on resident orca whales
  3. How and where to catch trout
  4. Recommended lures and strategies for winter steelhead fishing
  5. How to smoke a salmon
  6. How and where to go shrimping and crabbing
  7. How to get a fishing license
  8. Whether to catch and release or keep
  9. Where to fly fish locally
  10. The effect pollution is having on our location fisheries—and our bodies
  11. And so much more!

For more information on everything Tom Nelson fishing, visit theoutdoorline.com or email Tom directly at tom@theoutdoorline.com.

For more information on attending future educational events, feel free to email me at jimc@dunnlumber.com.  

Fishing in Washington everything you need to know