Hi, Jim Coshow here from Dunn Lumber. Welcome to today's Dunn's Solutions podcast, where we're committed to providing cutting-edge industry knowledge for the building contractor and trade professional. Today we'll hear from our good friend Mark LaLiberte with Construction Instruction. Mark has been educating our industry in the area of building science for over 30 years and speaks to over 8,000 people annually. 

On today's podcast, Mark will answer the big question: What is building science—and why should you care? Mark also covers:

  • the top five things everyone should have on their radar going forward
  • the features and benefits that today's clients are finding value in
  • how to differentiate your business from the competition without using price as a weapon

For information on attending future educational events, email me at jimc@dunnlumber.com

If you have questions for Mark or would like to access his building resources, please visit constructioninstruction.com.