At Dunn Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing trusted information and advice to support trade contractors and craftspeople throughout the greater Seattle area. While we often share insight on quality materials and building techniques, we also understand that there are countless other facets of your business required to keep things running smoothly—like insurance. 

From the basics of what contractor liability insurance is and how to read your policy to understanding policy exclusions and Washington laws that impact contractor liability insurance, there’s a lot of factors to consider for your business. That’s why, for our Contractor Liability Insurance Series, we’re speaking to Shelli Lucus-Kennedy, owner and senior risk manager of Insurance Risk Services. With more than 40 years in insurance and risk management and a focus on the construction industry, Shelli is a wealth of knowledge, due both to her extensive experience and customer-driven approach. 

In this first episode, you’ll learn more about Shelli’s background and how she got started helping contractors (she comes from a family of builders and developers). Watch it now to learn more about Shelli and her expertise, then check back here for our next installment. While you’re waiting, you can always access past series, such as our Decking Series, Wood Technology Series, and Cabinet Series