Specific jobs require specific products, and using the right screw is vital to a successful project. In this series, we’re learning about the various types of screws sold by Screw Products Inc. from their president and CEO, Jim Miller. Today, we’ll focus on the functions and practical uses of composite deck screws.

What are composite deck screws?

While Screw Products' composite deck screws work on wood, plastic, and composite materials, they’re specially made for the unique composition of composite deck material. The threads are designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur when fastening composite boards. Composite deck screws come in either a coated version or a stainless steel version. Twenty-three colors are available to match virtually any color of any brand of composite decking. It’s important to note that most manufacturers recommend using the stainless steel screws because they’re softer than the carbon steel ones and will move with your deck as it expands and contracts.

Where can I use composite deck screws?

These screws can be used inside or outside on any wood, plastic, or composite board, but they’re mainly used to face-screw a composite deck board to the framing behind or underneath it. Composite deck screws come in a 2 3/4" length that works great for most deck boards, as well as a 1 3/4" length for fastening thinner boards like fascia.

What are the benefits of using composite deck screws?

These screws are designed to make your deck look as pristine as possible. The 23 color options provide exact color matches—so when the screw is sunk just below flush in the composite or PVC board, it’s barely noticeable. The reverse thread on the top of the screws and the concave surface underneath the head also work to create a nice, clean hole with just the head showing. Often, when screwing into composite material, the lumber mushrooms up a bit. The reverse thread on these screws cuts that mushroom head off, and the concave face pushes the rest of the material down for a natural, flush look. Lastly, these screws are coated with UV-protected paint and are warrantied to last through the life of your project.

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