Well-crafted cabinetry adds beauty and functionality to your space. No matter the size and scope of your project, successful cabinet design and installation all start with proper planning and having a trusted consultant by your side. That’s why we sat down with resident expert Eric Jaeger to get his insight on the cabinet process––from design to completion. A former contractor, Eric has experience on both the installation and design sides of cabinet projects and offers a unique perspective to both homeowners and professionals. 

We suggest starting with the four videos below. To see the full series, we've included links to each video at the bottom of this page.

What To Know About Cabinet Design Process and Cost

Before you commit to a cabinet project, there are several foundational elements to consider. In this video, Eric goes over the cabinet ordering process from design to delivery—and the do's and don’ts in between. 

Cabinet Design Diagram

What To Know About Ordering Your Cabinets

Placing your cabinet order is very exciting and also one of the most important steps of the design process. In this video, Eric walks through what to expect when placing your order during the final cabinet design appointment.

Using a laser and tape measurer to line up measurements

What To Know About Cabinet Installation

Knowing how to approach your cabinet installation makes all the difference in ensuring the best outcome. In this video, Eric explains how to make decisions that will yield the smoothest possible project.

What To Know About Common Cabinet Mistakes

Cabinet projects leave little margin for error. In this video, Eric shares some of the nuances of the cabinet process that can cause additional obstacles for your project unless you know how to avoid them.

Common Cabinet Mistakes

Watch the full cabinet series

Part 1: What To Know About Buying Cabinets

Part 2: What To Know About Cabinet Design Process and Cost

Part 3: What To Know About Cabinet Options and Quality

Part 4: What To Know About Ordering Your Cabinets

Part 5: What To Know About Cabinet Delivery

Part 6: What To Know About Cabinet Installation

Part 7: What To Know About Common Cabinet Mistakes

Part 8: Cabinet Tips, Tricks, and Fair Warnings

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