In this short video, Mark LaLiberte discusses the advantages and challenges associated with energy-efficient retrofits, including: 

  • the risk of making piecemeal changes to an older home's energy efficiency, such as one-off upgrades to the heating system, or home humidification

  • how home flipping can be a detriment to the life of the building

  • the benefits of a holistic, scientific approach to remodeling 

  • how deep energy retrofits can improve a home's value, indoor environment, and building health

Mark LaLiberte (founding partner and President of Construction Instruction) has been educating the building industry on the science and physics of construction for over 30 years. Mark speaks to over 8,000 people annually, and educates the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy-efficient, and healthier homes through lectures, video series, publications, and a mobile app.