Specific jobs require specific products, and using the right screw is vital to a successful project. In this series, we’re learning about the various types of screws sold by Screw Products Inc. from their president and CEO, Jim Miller. Today, we’ll focus on the functions and practical uses of AXIS screws.

What are AXIS screws?

AXIS screws are designed for countersinking and come in lengths ranging from 3/4” to 6”. The “horizon” heads of AXIS screws are slightly domed in order to make recesses deeper, and the domed shape also provides a finished look even when screws aren’t drilled in completely straight. Under the head, these screws have turbine nibs that countersink cleanly into wood. The twin blade knurls—on the shank—reduce the heat on the screw, the amount of torque it takes to put the screw in, the amount of drill battery used, and the torque on your wrist. 

axis screws

Where can I use AXIS screws?

These screws work well for indoor or outdoor use since they’re made of stainless steel—traditional and salt-water grade—and the white zinc coating is more environmentally-friendly and corrosion-resistant than yellow zinc. 

Why should I use AXIS screws?

AXIS screws are made for tight seals. The 3” screws have 1 1/2” of thread and 1 1/2” of shank to ensure the top board you’re drilling into will fit snug with the bottom board. Plus, the same drill bit works for every screw, no matter the length. Just grab your T20 bit, and you’re all set.

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