Specific jobs require specific products, and screws are one such product that can be catered toward a project. In this series, we’re learning about the various types of screws and products sold by Screw Products Inc. from their president and CEO, Jim Miller. Today, we’ll be focusing on the function and practical use of AURA screws.

What are AURA screws?

The AURA screw was designed with a mushroom head to fit into cabinetry, furniture, and more. They have graduated shoulders and a Fast Start Tip. Screw Products Inc. offered pocket screws, modified truss-head screws, and cabinetry screws separately, but they have all been inducted into the AURA screw family—and they are geared toward specific applications. Unique applications require unique fasteners, and the AURA screws fit their own specific niche.

Where can AURA screws be used?

AURA screws are great for cabinetry, general indoor and outdoor jobs and projects, framing, windows and doors, hanging photos, and more. For cabinets in particular, AURA screws are effective at getting the cabinet tight against the wall.

Benefits of AURA screws

AURA screws are great for attaching metal—like a metal bracket or hinge—onto wood, and they’re good for countersinking on flat bearing surfaces. The AURA screw’s mushroom head gives the screw a nice architectural look as well.

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