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Identifying Load-Bearing Walls in Your Home

August 13, 2019 By Daniel Westbrook

When changes involve moving walls, the question often comes up: “Are these load-bearing or partition walls?” Instinctively, most people know it’s more complex to work with load-bearing walls than partition walls. But how can you tell if a wall is load-bearing when you can’t see the framing? There are quite a few signs to help you answer this question.  

Industry Tips

Marketing 101 for Contractors

July 23, 2019 By Jim Coshow

In this podcast, digital marketing experts Joel and Rachelle Cummings, along with Belief Agency digital director Dave Powell, share some best practices for managing the various components of your online presence, from social media to email marketing, and branding to website management.

Industry Tips

Managing Financials for Your Contracting Business

May 07, 2019 By Jim Coshow

In today’s podcast, CPA–Certified Business Exit Consultant Dave Odom is covering three primary topics for those running a contracting business: preparing for your exit, how to have accurate reporting for financial statements, and the difference between working capital projects and cash flow.

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